Charlie Tango Creations is the one-woman crochet and craft business of Connie Thomson of Butte, Montana.

Who’s Charlie Tango? Well, that’s me. My initials, CT, are represented by Charlie Tango in the phonetic alphabet. At a job years ago, I had to give my phonetic initials over the phone whenever I called in a certain type of equipment issue. I loved the sound of Charlie Tango. I always thought it would be a great DJ name, and maybe someday it will be, but for now it’s seeing light as the name of my wee business.

I firmly believe that handmade items deserve to be used and loved, and have known far too many people who have packed such things away. Everything I make is meant to be part of your life! Unless otherwise noted, all of my items can be machine washed and dried.

When you buy from Charlie Tango Creations, you’re helping keep the roof over my family’s head, and food in my cats’ dishes. I appreciate every purchase from the bottom of my heart!